The Sidekick is a tool specially designed and developed to alleviate muscle pains and improve body function. The tool is designed to see results in as quickly as 2-3 minutes. 

Get your blood Flowing again.

After only 20-30 seconds of scraping your skin with the tool, you’ll notice your muscles getting warm and red. This is because blockages from scar tissue and adhesions are being removed, allowing blood to flow again, thereby promoting recovery.

Note: we use the word scraping to describe the technique, but it’s important to  note that there is no pain whatsoever! 

Plenty of applications.

The Sidekick tool can be used for a wide range of ailments. Whether it be muscle pain, joint pain, scar reduction or increasing your bodies mobility, this is the tool for you! 

Multiple edges for large and small muscles

One major consideration in designing this tool was the versatility. We wanted to ensure that there were large and small edges so that this tool could be used on all muscles and joints of the body.

The larger edge is used for bigger surface areas, such as the back and thighs, whereas the smaller edge is great for use on the hands, knees, head etc.

Immediate Results (in as little as 2 min.)

Many people have seen results after using the Sidekick for only a few minutes a day.